Who and Why

The story of Scoot Richmond begins in 2002, when Chelsea Lahmers decided to quit her day job and have a go selling spare parts for vintage Vespa and Lambretta motorscooters. She knew very little about scooters and considerably less about running a business. Her determination to make this funny little business work eventually made SCOMO a bustling and successful mail order company with faithful customers all over the world.

When Chelsea was presented with an opportunity to move to a large and character-filled warehouse in Richmond’s Old Manchester district, she decided to take the plunge of expanding into sales of new scooters as well as servicing both new and vintage scooters. Slowly but surely, her showroom evolved from a crowded narrow room to thousands of square feet of scooters, scooter parts, and riding gear. Scooterists all around the world knew SCOMO by name, but Richmond Virginia needed a bit of a leg up to make the connection. In the summer of 2007, SCOMO evolved into Scoot Richmond.

In 2014, Scoot Richmond made the big step into motorcycles, and we are honored to be Richmond’s only dealership for Triumph Motorcycles! Triumph has been in business since 1902, and we are incredibly  happy to be partnered with them in order to bring Triumph Motorcycles back to the streets of Richmond.

Scoot Richmond is proud to be Richmond and all of Central Virginia’s only dealership that is dedicated to small engined motorscooters and mopeds, but now when it is time for you to move up a big bike, we can take care of you better than ever before! We carry only brands that we know and trust,  and by carrying the best quality products that provide you with the best value for your money, we keep our customers happy. And when our customers are happy, that means we’re doing something right!