How to get your non-running scooter to Scoot Richmond


The first thing you should know about getting a troubled scoot to us in order to get it running properly is that you should never, ever do what the people in the picture to the left are doing. Now that we’ve made that clear, we can continue.

Spring is right around the corner and the weather is beginning to warm up. YAY! For many of our friends and customers this means it’s the first time that you’re trying to ride your scooter since winter rolled in. If you didn’t winterize your scoot, you may find that your scooter doesn’t start when it’s time to enjoy some spring riding. Unfortunately, because of the ethanol mixture in gasoline today, leaving a carbureted engine to sit for longer than a few weeks can cause fuel system and carburetor problems. The gasoline evaporates in the carburetor and what it leaves behind in the form of ethanol and detergent ends up acting like corn syrup, which obviously blocks the flow of gasoline and air through the carburetor. Maybe your battery just doesn’t have the cajones to turn over the engine, or maybe your tires are crazy flat, or maybe you had a running problem in the fall that you decided to forget about until spring…no matter how you slice it, Scoot Richmond is here to help!

How do you get your scoot here when you can’t make it go?

If you have access to van or a pickup truck, it’s relatively simple to load your scooter in one of those vehicles, provided that you have a strong back and some tie-down straps. Here’s someone else’s video showing you how to do it. Please do not just toss the scooter in the back of a pickup truck on its side. You can end up causing more problems than you already had, not to mention the cosmetic damage that can occur from letting the scoot slide around unsecured.

If you purchased your scooter recently, there is a good possibility that you have free roadside assistance coverage. If your scooter is made by Genuine, it comes with 2 years of roadside assistance. Every new scooter from Vespa and Piaggio is sold with 1 year of roadside assistance. If you’re not sure if your vehicle is covered, just give them a call and find out! You will need to have the VIN of your scoot. You can find the phone numbers here.

Genuine Roadside Assistance: (866)311-8982
Piaggio Roadside Assistance: (866)232-0083

What if your scooter is older and does not have roadside assistance any longer? Well, if you have motorcycle insurance on your scooter, your policy may cover roadside assistance. If you aren’t sure, call your insurance provider. It’s often cheaper to add roadside assistance to your policy than it is to get a single tow!

The next option for getting a scooter to Scoot Richmond is to have it towed by a local towing company. Some are better than others in terms of equipment and being careful with your scooter.  Here is some information on some towing companies that we have used with good results.

Glen Allen Towing  (804)266-2700
On-Time Towing (804) 539-8697

What if none of these options are working for you? Scoot Richmond does offer pick-up services. Please note that this service is not an emergency service, and it may take a few days for us to schedule a pickup time. There is a charge for pick-ups, and that price depends on your location as well as some other factors. If you are striking out with the other options, give us a call so we can let you know what the approximate cost and time table. The price of the pickup would then be wrapped into the price of the services we perform on your scoot.

Have questions? Give us a call at 804-230-1000, or drop us an email at!

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