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We’ve been in love with the Triumph Street Twin since the first time we got an opportunity to throw a leg over it and take it for a spin through Richmond city, down our local twisty dessert of a road Riverside Drive, and get it up to speed on the highway. It’s easy to ride, it’s fun as all get out, it sounds great and it’s one of those incredibly rare bikes that is going to give new riders and well worn veterans the same amount of unbridled joy. On top of that, Ben (our master of motorcycle outfitting wizardry) has spent a good deal of time figuring out how to make it practical for a wide variety of uses. Looking to commute? Great, we’ve got everything you need to get back and forth to work every day as comfortably, safely and with all the stuff you need to bring with you. Want to take some long haul road trips? He’s got the run down on how to make sure your Street Twin is going to be everything you need for the trip you’re taking. Triumph gave you 10,000 mile service intervals from the factory, so that part is already taken care of. Are you looking for something that’s going to be great for getting out for the weekend on some joy rides, and will also handle some killer curves? Let Ben give you the rundown on what makes this awesome little bike stick to the road even better than it already does and gives you the leverage to throw around every ounce of it’s light weight. We are so in love with this bike, that after 14 years of owning a shop that sold motorized two wheeeled fun machines, the owner finally made the jump to actually buying her own because she wanted to be sure it was here to ride any time she wants to. It was a good thing she did too, because we’ve been having trouble keeping them in stock! We put in a big order and got a bunch of them in just to make sure we’d have enough to meet demand, but even those are going to disappear and at this time of year, Triumph may not be able to get us more for a month or more, so don’t wait! Get yours while we’ve still got ’em! 

If you don’t want to take our word for it, here’s some examples from some other folks who feel the same way! 

Cycle World named the Street Twin the best standard of 2016!

“There are a massive number of killer bikes that fit the “Standard” hole. Ones that have specs to die for. But then there’s this Triumph. Before riding it we were skeptical. Liquid-cooling? Less peak power? Would it be less retro-Bonneville than the last one and slower? Nope. The Street Twin’s new power curves give it all the pop and sizzle you want, right where you want it. It sounds glorious—deliciously, perfectly louder than its big-bro Thruxton R. And it’s like the perfect spiritual extension of a vintage Triumph, just way better performing: all the eagerness to turn, the narrow, light feeling, the fundamental rightness. The joy of riding a pure motorcycle is found right here in this 900cc parallel twin.”

Rider Magazine had this to say:

“Fuel metering is precise, shifting butter smooth and the lever for the slip-assist clutch feather light, a real bonus for smaller hands and in traffic. The Street Twin’s new HT engine is wrapped in an all-new chassis and head-turning minimalist bodywork that give it heaps of authentic style, save weight and invite customization, yet the bike already has nicely sculpted bits like the tank, handlebar and headlight mounts. A neutral riding position and shapely seat with more substantial foam make it comfortable enough for longer rides, and the seat is low and narrow so that with my 29-inch inseam I can easily stand over it with both feet on the ground. The footpegs are a bit high for me and cramp my legs over time, but this won’t be a problem for shorter riders.

Quick steering, its compact size and light weight make the Street Twin a joy on winding roads, particularly in tight corners, and it has a very small turning radius. Tires are an odd combo of bias-ply front and radial rear that can probably be bettered at replacement time but do look suitably retro. Its new suspension has more travel and deals with everything reasonably well, though the only adjustment is rear preload, and a spanner is not provided. More rebound damping would help tame the ride in fast sweepers for larger 5-foot, 10-inch, 200-pound riders like me, and the rear shocks can be a bit harsh over sharp bumps, but overall the suspension is nicely calibrated for those of average or smaller size. Single disc brakes front and rear are strong and confidence inspiring, and ABS is standard.”

And Moto USA didn’t see it very differently either! 

“In conclusion, Triumph have done a quite remarkable job with the Street Twin and have set the benchmark for this sector. It is now up to every other manufacturer to play to catch up. And for those naughty, recidivist, classic racers like me there is more to come from the Bonneville range with the launch of the Street Twin’s big brothers in the spring. These are good times to be a motorcyclist.” 


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