Rocket III Touring 2300

No touring bike has more effortless torque than the Rocket III Touring, with more at idle than most touring bikes can muster at their best.

Our head-turning 2.3 litre, three-cylinder engine is built for long hauls, heavy loads and going places in style. The world’s biggest production motorcycle engine, it gives you everything from comfort to performance to street presence, yet is as light and engaging to handle alone or with two people on board.

In a different state of tune to the Rocket III Roadster for even more useable torque, lower down the rev range, for a better touring ride. 106PS at 6000rpm and a torque of 203Nm to be precise.

A ride like no other bike, with smooth and powerful yet unintimidating acceleration with any load and on any incline. You’ll find the Rocket III Touring is a gentle giant with its 2.3 litre, three cylinder engine that is powerful and flexible enough to reward your riding style.


The classic looks of the Rocket III Touring are backed up by plenty of modern technology. Massive cylinders and crankcases hide double overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder and the latest materials and engine design ideas. Fuelling is taken care of by state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection with twin butterflies per cylinder for smooth, predictable throttle control.

Fuel Efficiency

Even the fuel economy figures of the Rocket III Touring look impressive. 51.9mpg at 56mph and 41.9mpg at 75mph means you get well over 150 miles out of a single tank.

Shaft Drive

One of the main reasons that the engine cylinders are aligned along the length of the bike is so that they can better link up with the Rocket III Touring’s final shaft drive. This means you get a bike that’s lighter and capable of handling such huge levels of torque.


We’ve achieved exceptional strength and stiffness from a steel twin spine frame that includes the engine as an integral component. It’s what makes the Rocket III Touring such an agile and engaging big bike to ride.


Designed for long distance comfort. Chromed twin rear shocks and funky forks with chromed shrouds aren’t there just to look pretty, they contain sophisticated damping components that give you outstanding wheel control in low urban speeds or enthusiastic cornering.

The rear preload is five-way adjustable and ready for any load you need to carry.


We had to give a bike with such big personality and performance a pair of four-piston calipers up front on large diameter 320mm discs. And a big 316mm disc at the rear so that you have exceptional control as well as feel and feedback.

Wheels and Tyres

We fitted small diameter 16 inch wheels and a restrained 180 section rear tyre to the Rocket III Touring. Adding to your agility and fluidity.

Seat Height

We wanted a wide range of riders to be able to manage the Rocket III Touring easily, even in low speed manoeuvring, but still allowed plenty of room for taller riders. So we set the seat height at a low 730mm for many comfortable hours in the saddle.


We made the Rocket III Touring with an 18 inch wide saddle with a three-layer construction and taped seams for a ride that’s comfortable all day long.

Riding Position

We’ve created a spacious riding position that is relaxed and laid-back with large footboards and the controls sited forward and bars pulled back and high up. The classic touring position with Triumph rider focussed comfort thrown in.


The expertise of our chassis engineers is here to see in the Rocket III Touring. They have achieved an agility and fluidity that totally belies its size and weight. So that even low speed turns and hairpins are not just easy to handle, but a pleasure to ride.


The advanced ABS brakes on the Rocket III Touring are fitted as standard. This is a massive bike that comes with huge amounts of control.


As a premium flagship motorcycle we equipped the Rocket III Touring with an immobiliser as standard.

Instruments and Computer

The comprehensive dash can be scrolled through from the right handlebar, giving you all the key information at your fingertips including  fuel gauge, range to empty, dual trip and clock.

Touring Screen

A touring screen you can detach quickly without tools.


The Rocket III Touring comes equipped with spring loaded, chrome plated footboards for a bit of extra style and comfort.

Q R Screen and Back Rests

To improve on the already high levels of comfort, we added back rests as standard and a bar mounted screen that can be detached without tools for all day, long distance riding.


With an engine like this we didn’t have to hold back on luggage space. So we gave the Rocket III Touring extra generous, lockable, detachable, water resistant panniers knowing that, however much you need to carry, your 2.3 litre triple will hardly notice.

The Rocket III Touring ABS currently has an MSRP of $17,500 in Phantom Black and $18,000 in the two tone Cranberry Red/Phantom Black. That does not include tax, title, tags, a helmet etc. Stop by to find out what great deals we’re cutting and don’t forget to check out the Preowned and Super Deals Page, the Triumph Promotions page and our Financing page for all the great deals we’re currently running!


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