The Flying Fortress Has Landed!

Moto Guzzi has a knack for creating motorcycles that are so unique, so unusual and that are unmistakable as having been created by the minds behind one of the longest running manufacturing in motorcycles. They’ve continued to succeed in that mission with the brand new MGX-21. There is not other motorcycle like in on the road today. It’s style and aesthetic appeal present everything that makes a Moto Guzzi something very special in just a quick glance.

This is the long haul cruiser of the future. It’s distinctive looks are a compliment to another of the signature Guzzi pieces that make this bike amazing as a whole, the transverse twin, 1400cc engine. With incredibly smooth fuel mapping, great torque that still leaves an amount of roll on acceleration at highway speeds to make you giddy, and a pleasantly effortless six speed transmission, it satisfies just as well with it’s power delivery as it does with it’s unmistakable good looks. A tiered traction control system with four different settings, including off, and ABS give up to date safety features and three throttle settings (the equivalent of rain, touring and sport) allow riders even more control of the performance. It’s relatively neutral riding position makes for an extremely comfortable ride, aided even further by excellent suspension.

Not only does the MGX-21 deliver where the necessities are concerned, it’s packed with extra amenities that make riding for hours upon hours even more pleasurable. With an on board infotainment system, connected to a 50 watt stereo system, a phone or MP3 player can be connected through a USB port on the instrument panel or connected via Bluetooth that also enables the Moto Guzzi Multimedia system, which will give you more information and readouts about how your MGX-21 than you can imagine.

Possibly the most surprising aspect of the MGX-21 is how easy it is to handle. It’s not a small bike, by any measure. The only way anyone is going to believe how well this big, carbon fiber covered beast handles is  to actually ride it for themselves. Looking at it suggests it should move more like a charging elephant, and it can no doubt run in a straight line, but when put through some turns, it shows off the agility of a tiger (we wouldn’t suggest trying to find out if it can swim like a tiger though).

Moto Guzzi is continuing their march toward creating interesting, different, uniquely Guzzi motorcycles that are as at home in the 21st century as any other motorcycle company in the world. Combining their rock solid reputation for producing motorcycles that can handle being put through an almost insane number of miles in their lives with their new approach to adding the latest technology and safety features to all of their new releases, Guzzi is poised to push themselves into a new place in motorcycling and giving the rest of the European manufacturers a run for their money. Contact us at (804) 230-1000, by email through or through the contact form below to set up your test ride on this awesome bike TODAY!


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