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The Genuine Scooter Company began back in 2003, when some smart folks in Chicago decided to bring the original Stella to the American market once again. Genuine’s scooter selections have come a long way since then, with the introduction of the Buddy 50/125 in 2006.  These days, Genuine still operates out of Chicago.  Their scooters are primarily constructed in Taiwan by the highly esteemed company PGO (Buddy 50/125/170, Roughhouse 50, and Blur 220), and the Stella is still built in India by LML.

The Genuine Scooter Company offers an incredible warranty on all of their new scooters. No other company offers their brilliant 2 year unlimited mile warranty, which covers parts and labor on any problem that is due to a manufacturer’s defect (we have all of the fine print at the shop if you need to see it!), as well as 2 years of roadside assistance (good anywhere in the 48 continental United States).

Today a customer asked me if Genuine’s warranty was so long because stuff went wrong on their scooters. Heck no! Genuine offers their unsurpassable warranty coverage because a) their scooters are top notch quality wise (otherwise that warranty would cost them a ton!) and b) because Genuine may be a company that you have not have been aware of before coming to our shop.

Need more proof? Check out the Modern Buddy forum. That site is run entirely by scooter enthusiasts, and industry folks are required to identify themselves before participating. When you hear the good word of thousands of exceedingly happy Genuine scooterists, you will begin to understand Genuine’s commitment to their owners!

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