The New Vintage: 4 Stroke Stella

She’s a classic, straight out of the box.

The all new Genuine Stella features a completely redesigned four stroke engine with a manual transmission. Make sure you read that sentence again: It’s the heart and soul of a vintage Vespa, but with a completely new vision inside the engine, one that has fewer emissions and gets better MPG than ever before. You are going to LOVE the new Stella for more than her 140 miles to the gallon…but that certainly doesn’t hurt.


4 Comments on “The New Vintage: 4 Stroke Stella

  1. When is the new Stella due to arrive? What do you have now in the older design? Any used 150cc Vespas or Stellas?

    Thank you

  2. Our guess is that the new 4 stroke Stellas will be in stores by Spring 2011, and maybe earlier. Hopefully earlier!

    Scoot Richmond currently has new 2 stroke Stellas in stock in black and light blue. We have an avocado used 2008 Stella in the store on consignment for $2300 with less than 700 miles on it. At this time, we do not have any used 150cc Vespas. We have some other used scooters from Genuine and SYM in the 125-150cc range. Our used scooter selection changes on a very regular basis. Keep an eye on our used scooters page to be up-to-date on our used inventory!

    Last but not least, we have a brand new 2009 Vespa LX150 on sale for more than $1200 off of the MSRP! That means that you’ll save money like you would if you bought a used scoot, but you’ll also get the full factory warranty. It’s the best of both worlds.

  3. Our scooters are made in a variety of locations. The 4 stroke Stella, seen here, is manufactured in India for Genuine Scooters (the American distributor). The other scooters from Genuine (including the Buddy, the Roughhouse, and the Blur) are 100% manufactured and assembled in Taiwan. The scooters from Vespa and Piaggio are mostly manufactured and assembled in Italy, with certain models being manufactured by a Piaggio-owned factory in China.

    At this time, there are no scooters that are available on the market that are actually assembled in the United States.


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