Piaggio has been around the block a few times, despite the fact that the name may be new to you. The Italian company Piaggio is the parent company of Vespa. All Vespas bear the Piaggio badge, while not all Piaggios carry the Vespa name. What’s up with that? Any models built by the Vespa/Piaggio group that utilize a steel tubular subframe with plastic/fiberglass/etc body panels to flesh out the shape and style of the vehicle are badged Piaggio. The models built by the Vespa/Piaggio group that utilize the painted steel monocoque frame that makes up the externally visible structure of the scooter are called Vespa. Come down to Scoot Richmond and we can show you the differences in the frame work and structure of the two vehicle in person.

Models built by Piaggio versus Vespa are quite similar in many respects, and often you’ll find the same technology in similar models.  The Piaggio Fly 50 4V uses an engine that is exactly the same as the engine in the Vespa models. The two scooters have very different styling, as the Fly is more of a sporty angular scooter in comparison to the classic Vespa shape, but the stuff that makes the Fly stop and go is the same as the stuff in the Vespa models, at a considerable savings! Piaggio’s scooters often win in the “bang for your buck” category as you get Italian technology at prices that are comparable to the Taiwanese scooters, and they are definitely worth taking a closer look.

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