Go Faster!

Motorcyclists who have converted to scooter riding often tell us that one of the best parts about riding a scooter is the ability to take your bike through its entire range while commuting. That doesn’t mean that your scoot couldn’t use a little boost in certain departments. Scoot Richmond is here to help you scoot faster, quicker, and better!

We offer sales and installation of performance parts from Malossi, Polini, Pinasco, Prima, Sito, Leo Vince, Dr. Pulley, Scooter Ninja, MRP, NCY, Technigas, and many others. If we do not have the exact set-up that you are after in stock, we can definitely get it!

Please note that most high performance work must be left with our skilled technicians for a few days. This is to ensure that your scooter is properly and reliably tuned for all driving conditions. Get in touch and we can get started!