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Federal Tax Credit Ends Soon

10% back on motorcycles
30% back on charging equipment

Buyers of plug-in electric motorcycles enjoy a 10% federal tax credit on their purchase. However, this incentive expires on 12/31/16, and it is unlikely to be renewed. With 2017 models arriving at dealers, now is the time to take advantage of significant savings on a new Zero.

The Electric Motorcycle Federal Tax Credit, also known as the 2-wheeled plug-in tax credit, covers 10% of the purchase price of a Zero, up to $2,500. Plus, electric motorcycle chargers (e.g., Zero Quick Charger) are eligible for a 30% tax credit up to $1,000.

Ride the City. Rail the Track.

Whether you’re charging through the inner city supermoto style or indulging in backroad shenanigans, the new Zero FXS is ready to push the limits. Delivering a nearly instantaneous 78 ft-lb of torque, up to 46 hp and weighing less than 300 lbs, the Zero FXS is quick and agile. Suspension and brakes are ideally suited to the rigors of spirited riding, giving the rider greater control. 17-inch wheels and Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tires provide superior grip and corner control…for good reason: the throttle response is simply stunning. The Zero FXS takes supermoto to a new level. Think of it as supermoto on steroids.

No ride time is wasted thanks to its maintenance-free powertrain, and each mile covered costs only around a penny in electricity. The Zero FXS features an optional unique, patented modular power pack system that allows recharging either on or off the bike, making it ideal for the city. With advanced ABS, fully adjustable suspension, dual projector beam headlights, alloy wheels and high performance street tires, it’s ready to hit the supermoto track or turn formerly mundane tasks into thrilling rides.

Game Changing Z-Force® Power Pack

Modular or fully integrated

The Zero FXS is available in two configurations:

Zero FXS ZF3.3 – “Refuel” in seconds with removable power packs. The Zero FXS ZF3.3’s hot-swappable system allows riders to purchase multiple batteries that can be charged on or off the bike using optional accessories. Add a second module to match the performance of the ZF6.5.

Zero FXS ZF6.5 – Equipped with an integrated, higher capacity 6.5 kWh battery, this option is simpler and more cost effective while delivering more power “out of the box.”

Revolutionary Z-Force® Motor

Thrilling acceleration with 78 ft-lb of torque

The motor in the Zero FXS is configured to produce incredible torque and sits inside the lightest motorcycle in the lineup. The result is thrilling acceleration. Zero Motorcycles designed the Z-Force® motor from the ground up to be compact, efficient and powerful. Completely air-cooled, the motor is designed to provide a fantastic riding experience minus the need for any regular maintenance. When slowing down, the motor generates electricity that is channeled back into the power pack to help extend ride times.

Charge Easily. Charge Anywhere.

Zero’s charging options are designed to fit your lifestyle. Every Zero comes standard with a simple and lightweight cable that plugs into any household outlet.

For home or office use, Zero’s scalable “Quick Charger” system can dramatically reduce charging times. The system uses up to four stand-alone (off-board) 1kW chargers that work in conjunction with the motorcycle’s standard (on-board) charger.

Frame and Bodywork

Light Aircraft-Grade Aluminum

At the core of the Zero FXS lies a handcrafted aircraft-grade aluminum frame that Zero engineered from the ground up. Its combination of lower weight and higher strength means more responsiveness. In the corners and off the line, this translates into greater acceleration. For added durability, each frame is shot-peened and anodized.

Showa Suspension

The Magic Ride

Zero worked in close collaboration with Showa to develop suspension systems that provide excellent small bump compliance, predictable control of bigger impacts and exceptionally smooth action under all conditions. Torsional rigidity of the front end improves handling, and a hollow front axle reduces unsprung weight. Suspension settings are completely customizable to meet the demands of a wide variety of riders.

Bosch Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)

Powerful. Precise. Control.

The Zero FXS features an advanced Bosch anti-lock brake system (ABS) that improves control in a wide array of conditions and ensures the best braking performance.

Wheels and Tires

Hold your line.

Pirelli tires are standard on the Zero FXS, providing improved traction in a wide variety of conditions and excellent road feel. The Zero FXS alloy wheels are designed to reduce unsprung weight while not compromising on strength.

Dash and Controls

Impressive information. Elegantly Displayed.

The dash is designed by Zero to quickly and accurately provide useful data on such information as state of charge, power output and your selected riding profile. You can toggle through three riding profiles using the ergonomic right-hand switch gear to better meet the needs of your ride: Sport, Eco, Custom. The dash screen features a cool blue backlit LCD display and integrates seamlessly into the front of the motorcycle. Want more information about the motorcycle while riding or at home? Try the Zero Motorcycles App.

The current MSRP for the Zero FXS ZF 3.3 is $8,495. The current MSRP for the Zero FX ZF 6.5 $10,495. The MSRP for the either Zero FX model in the modular configuration will be the MSRP for the power pack you’d like, plus $2,500. That does not include tax, title, tags, a helmet etc. Stop by to find out what great deals we’re cutting and don’t forget to check out the Preowned and Super Deals Page and our Financing page for all the great deals we’re currently running!


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