Right now get $1,500 off any model Zero we have in stock!

Federal Tax Credit Ends Soon

10% back on motorcycles
30% back on charging equipment

Buyers of plug-in electric motorcycles enjoy a 10% federal tax credit on their purchase. However, this incentive expires on 12/31/16, and it is unlikely to be renewed. With 2017 models arriving at dealers, now is the time to take advantage of significant savings on a new Zero.

The Electric Motorcycle Federal Tax Credit, also known as the 2-wheeled plug-in tax credit, covers 10% of the purchase price of a Zero, up to $2,500. Plus, electric motorcycle chargers (e.g., Zero Quick Charger) are eligible for a 30% tax credit up to $1,000.



Imagine instant torque and power from a standstill. Imagine smooth acceleration as you throttle out of turns. Then, imagine never needing to stop at a gas station or being burdened with any scheduled powertrain maintenance. Pure. Powerful. Electric…and available now.

Developed to aggressively take on urban environments while encouraging occasional detours to your favorite stretch of twisties, the Zero S integrates revolutionary technology with innovative design and premium equipment. The result is a motorcycle with breathtaking performance, a sophisticated appearance and refined ride characteristics.

Featuring Zero Motorcycles’ Z-Force® motor and power pack, the Zero S pulls hard to speeds above 90 mph and offers a city range of up to 202 miles with the optional Power Tank accessory. Or, take advantage of public charging stations and get back on the road three times faster with the new Charge Tank accessory.

Whether stealthily accelerating onto the highway or through a series of turns, the Zero S is uniquely designed to deliver a thrilling sensation unlike any other on the road today. Are you ready?

The current MSRP for the Zero S ZF 6.4 is $10,995. The current MSRP for the Zero S ZF 13.0 $13,995. That does not include tax, title, tags, a helmet etc. Stop by to find out what great deals we’re cutting and don’t forget to check out the Preowned and Super Deals Page and our Financing page for all the great deals we’re currently running!

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